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Facial Firming Therapy: The Revolutionary Anti-aging Serum


Recently, MD Beauty Secrets added a new anti-aging serum to its skin care line, known as the Facial Firming Therapy. The Facial Firming Therapy is a revolutionary formula jam-packed with miraculous ingredients, including 3 peptides that work synergistically with one another to relax facial muscles, stimulate collagen synthesis and strengthen the dermis. Each ingredient was chosen…

Clearing up Hyperpigmentation


Hyperpigmentation is a common, by and large harmless but aesthetically displeasing, condition in which patches of skin darken in color. The darkening comes about when an excess of melanin forms deposits in the skin. Melanin is the brown pigment that produces normal skin color and responsible for tanning the skin exposed to sunlight. Several people seek treatment…

Periods and Pimples

menstruation calendar with sanitary pads and tampons, close-up

Menstrual acne is a common condition amongst 65% of women. Women will PMS every month. Accordingly, the average woman will experience irritability, bloating, pains, and the undesirable breakout every month. But why do women breakout during this time? Two words…Hormonal changes. A women’s menstrual cycle is usually 28 days. Each day is hormonally different. A…

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