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Skin Care Investments

Patience is a virtue. However, in modern times instant gratification is the norm. We want everything NOW! Though, we are bent on putting aside our long-term goals for more immediate delights and fulfillments, when it comes to skin care you have to be patient and committed as it is a long-term investment. The effort you put into your skin may not yield the immediate results you wanted, however, if you adopt a few healthy lifestyle habits and skin care routine, we promise the rewards will come later. Obviously, taking care of your skin involves more than just mere application of a few good products. Drinking plenty of H20 and taking up a healthy diet full of antioxidants will help your skin repel damaging pollutants. But when…

Eliminating Blackheads

What are blackheads? When a pore is clogged with skin debris (dead skin cells), sebum (oil produced by sebaceous glands) and Propionibacterium acnes (also known as P. acne), a comedo is formed. A comedo can be closed (whitehead) or open at the skin’s surface (blackhead). Oxidation (i.e. exposure to air), not dirt, is what causes blackheads to be black.   How to get rid of blackheads… Shedding agents are your best bet for clearing your face of unwanted facial foes like blackheads. Shedding agents help increase skin-cell turnover, thus, unclogging your pores of the gunk that caused the blackheads. Glycolic acid and salicylic acid are both shedding agents that are commonly used for chemical peels, a form of chemical exfoliation. They are among the safest…

Controlling Oily Skin

Our skin naturally produces oil that keeps our skin lubricated and healthy. However, like most things, too much of something can have unfavorable results. Accordingly, excess oil can lead to acne as well as blemishes. Luckily, MD Beauty Secrets has the right skin care regimen to manage your oily skin. #1- Start off with a good cleanser Every skin expert will agree that the most effective way to control oily skin is to wash your face twice a day and to stay away from soaps. You will need to incorporate a gentle cleanser into your daily skin care routine. Cleansers that do an excellent job at reducing oil contain benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid and/or salicylic acid. MD Beauty Secrets offers a glycolic and salicylic acid…