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Significance of Hydroquinone


For several years now, hydroquinone has been used to treat all sorts of hyperpigmentation problems, whether it is sun-induced, post-flammatory, melasma, or effects of aging. It is a skin-lightening agent regarded as the fastest and most effective method of getting rid of hyperpigmentation by inhibiting an enzyme reaction in skin cells as well as the production of the protein associated with melanin.


Controversies surround the usage of hydroquinone. Without question hydroquinone is the most successful means of treating hyperpigmentation. Nevertheless, safety issues have surfaced as a result of current medical findings, developing a great deal of queries about its usage. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, have banned the use of hydroquinone. In more recent years, the United States has been trying to control its access and use, limiting over-the-counter use to 2% concentration.

The medical findings concerning the use of hydroquinone in humans were based 日本藤素
on oral ingestion of large amounts of hydroquinone in rats. However, in the United States hydroquinone is not taken orally and is used in lesser potencies and as a short-term solution. Therefore, the risk factors are reduced.

Kojic Acid:

Kojic acid is a substance produced in the fermentation of malting rice. It contains antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Kojic acid, before being used as a cosmetic skin-lightening agent, was used to preserve the coloring of fruits and meats. Nowadays, kojic acid is used to treat hyperpigmentation by inhibiting the production of melanin deposits in the skin.

Kojic acid is deemed a safer alternative to hydroquinone and can be used long-term. Medical experimentations have proven it to be effective in treating hyperpigmentation.

At MD Beauty Secrets, we treat hyperpigmentation with a Hydroquinone Skin Tone Enhancement Kit, which comes with a safer and lower concentration of hydroquinone (2% to be exact). The Hydroquinone Skin Tone Enhancement Kit contains botanical skin lighteners including Kojic acid, Arbutin and Bearberry in an alcohol and acetone-free base. Furthermore, it contains green tea and other soothing antioxidants in a convenient pad application. We also offer a 2% Additional, which comes in powder form and is to be added to the Hydroquinone Skin Tone Enhancement Kit for extra hydroquinone strength.

We at MD Beauty Secrets have decided to continue treating hyperpigmentation with hydroquinone because of its effectiveness. However, on account of safety issues, individuals using our hydroquinone products are required to be supervised by our physician. Furthermore, our hydroquinone products are only used as a short-term solution and will be refused to anyone we think is not suitable for treatment. We do not advise or allow our clients to use hydroquinone for more than 3 months. Only severe cases are advised and permitted to purchase the 2% Additional, and the amount he/she is permitted to purchase is limited. Upon termination of the hydroquinone treatment, our clients are advised to use our kojic acid product.

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