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About Us

myraHomayra Zikria, president and founder of MD Beauty Secrets, has worked as an office manager at Dr. Gul A Zikria’s medical practice for over three decades. For the past decade she has also been the medical office’s cosmetic consultant, specializing in skin care and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Her distinct role gave her access and exposure to top of the line and latest skin care procedures and products. She studied many different product lines, and realized that the marketed skin care lines available did not satisfactorily address or remedy clients’ skin conditions and concerns. Accordingly, Mrs. Zikria came up with the skin care line MD Beauty Secrets to answer her clients’ requests and to share her holistic outlook on beautiful skin, using scientifically proven products coupled with the education of health conscious living.

MD Beauty Secrets’ skin care products have been formulated by combining the beneficial ingredients found in Mother Nature and the best skin care lines to create complementary and powerful solutions that target a variety of skin problems, including aging eyes, hyperpigmentation, acne, etc.

In the past, people would have to use multiple products to treat one skin condition or concern. Today, MD Beauty Secrets has made it possible to treat one skin condition/concern OR multiple skin conditions/concerns at the same time. You can watch your acne disappear while treating former acne scars and preventing wrinkles and fine lines. Ultimately, MD Beauty Secrets remedies your skin afflictions while improving the overall quality of your skin. MD Beauty Secrets has made private medical practice skin care treatments and beautiful skin available for all. Beauty is no secret here.