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The skin is the largest organ of our body. It protects us from the environment and regulates our body temperature. Skin is made up of millions of cells. Each day thousands of these cells die, fall off, and are replaced by new cells from beneath the outer layer of skin.

As we age, this process begins to slow down. Dark blotches and other signs of aging and sun damage begin to appear. Our skin may become dull and begin to form wrinkles.

What do celebrities use to keep that youthful glow?

The answer might surprise you. It’s not facelifts or laser resurfacing, but a painless, non-invasive lunchtime procedure known as Microdermabrasion. With Microdermabrasion, you can have a treatment and return to work immediately. Microdermabrasion is performed by our doctor for patients in our region to create softer, smoother and healthier looking skin.


If you are unhappy with age spots, acne scars, stretch marks, fine wrinkles or flaking skin, you might want to consider Microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion has been used in Europe for years. Now this exciting procedure is one of the top non-surgical, no knife, cosmetic fixes in the United States. It is helping men and women everywhere experience remarkable improvements in skin texture regardless of skin color. Microdermabrasion treatments combined with our skin care products are a safe, comprehensive approach to skin care.

How it Works?

Microdermabrasion is the term used for a procedure that applies minuscule grains to buff away the surface layer of the skin, known as the stratum corneum. The procedure can be understood as “sandblasting” but obviously on a less aggressive level.

The skin is comprised of two layers, the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is the layer closest to the outside world. It is made up of a set of dead cells layered on top of one another that are in the process of maturation. The uppermost layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum is our outer shell, our shield or wall that protects our lower skin layers and keeps all but the microscopic molecules out. The stratum corneum is also where all our imperfections show, such as wrinkles and blemishes.

Microdermabrasion takes place at the level of the stratum corneum. To go any deeper would be extremely painful and harmful.

We offer two types of microdermabrasion, crystal and diamond tip, both of which are conducted with a hand-held device. The minuscule grains mentioned before are actually crystals. The most commonly used crystals are aluminum oxide, sodium chloride or sodium bicarbonate. At our clinic we use aluminum oxide as it is proven to have the best results and our cases have validated its effectiveness. The hand held tool propels an even and steady high-speed flow of crystal onto the skin, gently buffing away the stratum corneum without affecting or harming the lower layers of skin. The device has a vacuum system as well, which allows the crystals to do their work while simultaneously collecting the dead cells, debris and used crystals for disposal.

The diamond tip microdermabrasion, more commonly known as diamond peel, is a newer tool that uses a single disposable or reusable diamond tip wand instead of the crystals. In other words, it is crystal-free. Diamonds are actually considerably harder than the crystals used for microdermabrasion. Aluminum oxide is the second hardest mineral after diamonds. We use the diamond tip for individuals with acne scars or darker spots. Furthermore, since diamond tip is crystal-free it is unlikely to leave teeny annoying grains in your eyes, nose, ears or mouth. Excluding the aforementioned details, the diamond tip works the same way as crystal microdermabrasion. In fact, many individuals cannot see the difference between the two in regards to results, as they both achieve equally positive results. It is just a matter of preference.

Irrespective of the type of microdermabrasion procedure you choose, once the stratum corneum is buffed away you should apply a moisturizer and/or specialized creams and lotions as the new and younger skin is now exposed and more responsive to the benefits of certain products and their vitamins and minerals. By rehydrating the area you assist in promoting the healthier new skin.

Is Microdermabrasion safe?

Yes. Microdermabrasion is non-invasive. The procedure only removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells to reveal the fresher and younger cells beneath. Regardless of your skin’s condition, fine lines and age spots may be reduced or erased, and acne scars and stretch marks will become less noticeable. After effects of the procedure are minor, such as mild redness or swelling. Some individuals didn’t experience any redness or swelling, it all depends on how sensitive your skin is.

Why choose Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion takes less time than other more invasive procedures. There is no downtime or discomfort, and you can resume normal activities immediately. What’s more, results are immediately visible. Best results are achieved after a couple of sessions, contingent on your expectations and severity of skin imperfections.

Who are the best candidates for Microdermabrasion?

The best candidates for Microdermabrasion are those patients that:

  • Cannot afford to take time off for healing from a chemical peel or laser procedure.
  • Don’t want to put off their outdoor activities like golf, tennis or skiing.
  • Have skin sensitivities to chemicals or make-up.
  • Have acne-prone skin that has not responded well to other acne remedies.
  • Have superficial acne scars, sun damage, and/or blemishes.
  • Are younger and whose skin is showing early signs of aging.


Maintaining the results of Microdermabrasion

Maintaining healthy looking skin is a daily task. Always wear SPF of at least 30 or more to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Keep your skin hydrated and fresh with daily cleansing and moisturizing using specially formulated skin care products. Ask your skin care specialist about recommendations for your skin care products.

Follow-up sessions are recommends to help maintain your results or achieve better results. Ask us about our money saving treatment packages.

What are Microdermabrasion treatments like?

Microdermabrasion treatments are not aggressive; they are slow and progressive, and best of all, they work! Most patients find Microdermabrasion treatments to be quite relaxing. The treatment is like a “superficial skin polishing” using micro-crystals vacuumed through a delicate hand piece. In as little as 35 minutes, this gentle, abrasive technique efficiently produces satisfying results. Following the treatment, we may treat your skin with specially formulated creams to further soften and moisturize your skin. Treatments are applied through a course of weekly or bi-weekly sessions, ranging from 2 – 12 weeks.

How soon will I see results with Microdermabrasion?

Immediately! After our aesthetician performs your first Microdermabrasion treatment, your skin will have a fresh pink glow. It will look healthier and feel smoother and softer. Your improvement will continue throughout your treatment program.


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