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NEW AMAZING TONER: Soothing Green Tea Mist

MD Beauty Secrets introduces a new and easy to use toner. Our latest Soothing Green Tea Mist is a hydrating spray formulated with a rich blend of natural ingredients to help refine the complexion while soothing, softening and rejuvenating skin.

  • Naturally purifies and hydrates
  • Supports skin healing and helps to soothe irritations
  • Brightens and refreshes dull, tired skin
  • Helps restore and maintain a healthy skin balance


EMOLLIENTS AND HUMECTANTS SODIUM PCA, METHYL GLUCETH-20, PANTHENOL provides gentle hydration and skin conditioning, imparting a smooth complexion.

WITCH HAZEL (Alcohol Free) is a plant of considerable medicinal value with anti-inflammatory properties. It helps treat acne by removing excess oil, tightens pores for smoother appearance, as well as calm skin.

GREEN TEA AND ASCORBIC ACID gives antioxidant benefits to help brighten and calm skin while reducing harmful free radicals.

SEA SALT is a micronutrient which helps to enhance skin tone and neutralize impurities without dehydrating your skin.

PLANT EXTRACTS COMFREY, CHAMOMILE, LAVENDER will soothe and comfort irritated skin, promote a healthy skin balance and help improve skin tone.



Ideal for all skin types including the most sensitive and post procedure.

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