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The Multi-functional Skin Care Product

BB cream stands for blemish balm or beauty balm. It is a cosmetic item intended to act as the only product you’ll need after you wash your face, an all-in-one and multi-functional product.

MD Beauty Secrets’ Age Defense BB Cream is a 6-in-1 treatment. It contains:

  • SPF 50+ (UVA/UVB) 16.2 % Micronized Zinc
  • All-day Oil Control (lipids regulate oil in combination skin types.)
  • Universal Tint/Concealer (we use a pigment that mirrors the skin color that it is on.)
  • Moisturizer (ceramides to hydrate)
  • Makeup Primer (dimethicone which is the non comedogenic version of makeup primers)
  • Antioxidant Protection (provides UVA protection with green tea, vitamin c and others)

It is the first ever Medical Grade BB cream that will give your skin the healthy touch of color it needs while concealing imperfections and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Couple it with your makeup for extra flawless coverage or use it alone for a more natural look. On its own, a pea-sized dab of BB cream can provide you with the perfect amount of coverage for a regular informal day. In an unfussy mood or in a hurry? No problem. The Age Defense BB Cream is the answer.

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