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Making Your Skin Care Regimen More Fall Friendly

This month, as the Sun crosses the celestial equator autumn begins. As much as you may love your current skin care regimen, every season you should treat your skin care products a lot like your wardrobe, coordinating with the weather and switching out the pieces that don’t suit the time of year. Your current facial lotion may have been your #1 choice for the summer, but you will soon realize that your once favorite lotion does not provide enough moisture for your skin during the colder seasons. With every change of season your skin type changes as well. MD Be必利勁
auty Secrets is here to help keep your skin luminous and hydrated this fall.

During the summer your skin’s oil production levels are higher. However, as the days become shorter and temperatures decline, your skin will lose the valuable moisture it needs to maintain its health and suppleness.

Ingredients to Incorporate…

Vitamin C

The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C and its role in collagen production make Vitamin C a powerhouse ingredient and vital molecule for skin health. Dietary as well as topical use of Vitamin C has beneficial effects on your skin cells, and studies have shown that Vitamin C may help prevent and treat ultraviolet induced photo-damage. Therefore, adding this ingredient to your fall skin care routine will help brighten your skin within a month of daily use and will help reverse the summer’s sun damage. In fact, if you use Vitamin C topically for the entirety of the fall, by winter you will notice the fading of dark spots caused by sun exposure.

MD Beauty Secrets carries a variety of skin care products that contain Vitamin C as a supplementary ingredient

OR as a main ingredient depending on your preference, concern(s) and need(s):


The dermatologist’s favored powerhouse ingredient, Retinol, will keep your skin radiant, smooth and supple by re-texturing your skin and increasing collagen production. Retinol is also an amazing ingredient for anti-aging as well as erasing sun damage and other blemishes because it helps speed up and increases the skin cell turnover process. Thus, the shedding process is faster generating quicker results. Since Retinol acts as a shedding agent it is important to incorporate a good moisturizer into your skin care regimen especially in the fall and winter, when your skin tends to be drier and more sensitive.

MD Beauty Secrets confidently believes in the phenomenal effects of Retinol. Accordingly, we offer three types of Retinol skin care products to address different areas and concerns:


Other Skin Care Tips for the Fall


During the fall be sure to use a mild cleanser as it will help remove excess impurities and oil without drying out your skin.

You should always steer clear of using soap (especially facial soaps) as it will deprive your skin of vital moisture. During warmer seasons you can get away with using soap to cleanse your body but during the colder seasons switch to a soap-free hydrating cleanser, preferably creamy body washes.


The air becomes more arid during the fall and winter causing your skin to lack the moisture it naturally produced during the summer. You will need to switch to a thicker and creamier moisturizer during the colder seasons. In the summer you may have been able to get away with a mere serum but come October you will need to swap to a heavy duty cream. Creams help provide a sturdy oily barrier, reducing water loss from the epidermis while also providing hydration.

Remember the best time to apply your moisturizer is immediately after a shower or bath when you’ve dried off. By applying a cream after you’ve showered or bathed you will help seal in the moisture that’s already been absorbed into your skin.


Just because it’s cloudy or you aren’t sunbathing on the beach, don’t underestimate the sun’s harmful rays this fall.  Colder seasons don’t mean you can avoid sunscreen and are impervious to sun damage for the next 6 or so months. Sunscreen is a daily essential! Don’t forget to use it always!









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