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Skin Care Investments

Patience is a virtue. However, in modern times instant gratification is the norm. We want everything NOW! Though, we are bent on putting aside our long-term goals for more immediate delights and fulfillments, when it comes to skin care you have to be patient and committed as it is a long-term investment. The effort you put into your skin may not yield the immediate results you wanted, however, if you adopt a few healthy lifestyle habits and skin care routine, we promise the rewards will come later.

Obviously, taking care of your skin involves more than just mere application of a few good products. Drinking plenty of H20 and taking up a healthy diet full of antioxidants will help your skin repel damaging pollutants. But when you are skin care shopping, search for products with reparative antioxidants and retinols to replenish and enhance your skin throughout the seasons and years.

MD Beauty Secrets offers a variety of skin care products full of reparative antioxidants so you are able to incorporate the beneficial ingredients one way or another. If you need sunscreen, try our Vitamin C Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 40 or Antioxidant Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 50. Is your skin feeling dry? Then try our Green Tea Antioxidant Moisturizing Lotion. Maybe you are just looking for a beneficial addition to your normal skin care routine. Our Triple Antioxidant Cream would be a great addition. And if you haven’t started using retinols already, your New Year’s resolution should be to start using retinol faithfully every night. Retinol is a powerhouse cosmetic anti-aging ingredient that is scientifically proven to be effective and it’s highly recommended by dermatologists. What’s more, retinol can help with acne as well. Try out our Retinol Plus Smoothing Serum, which has been enhanced with green tea, polyphenols, caffeine and moisturizers to increase the antioxidant properties of the serum while hydrating at the same time.

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